Board Assignments. 2018.

Council Chair Greg McPhie
Council Vice-Chair Kendall Crittenden
Board Council Member(s)
Accident Review Steve Farrell
Affordable Housing Kendall Crittenden
Animal Control Kendall Crittenden
Bluebench Landfill Steve Farrell, Mike Petersen, Spencer Park
Children's Justice Center Mike Petersen
Community Action Kendall Crittenden
Council of Aging Steve Farrell
County Tax Committee Mike Petersen, Steve Farrell, Mark Nelson
Cowboy Poetry Danny Goode
Economic Development/Tourism Steve Farrell, Mark Nelson
County Fair Danny Goode
Gun Club Greg McPhie
Health Board Kendall Crittenden
Heber Light & Power Kendall Crittenden
Heber Valley (Sever) SSD Steve Farrell
Legislative Coordination Danny Goode, Mike Petersen, Mark Nelson
Library Danny Goode
Local Emergency Planning Committee Greg McPhie
Memorial Hill Restoration Committee Mark Nelson
Mountainland Association of Gov. Danny Goode, Kendall Crittenden, Spencer Park
Peace House Kendall Crittenden
Personnel Kendall Crittenden
Planning Commission Steve Farrell
Public Lands Steve Farrell, Greg McPhie, Spencer Park
Railroad Steve Farrell
Regional Planning Organization Kendall Crittenden, Mike Petersen
Rodeo Committee Danny Goode, Steve Farrell, Greg McPhie
Senior Citizens Steve Farrell
Soldier Summitt SSD Spencer Park
SSA # 1 Steve Farrell, Greg McPhie, Mike Petersen
Timberlakes Water SSD Steve Farrell
Uintah Headwaters Ryan Starks (as council representative)
Weed Board Steve Farrell
Special Service District Boards All Council Members
  Chair, Vice Chair
Fire SSD Steve Farrell, Danny Goode
Strawberry Lake View SSD/Strawberry Ranch Mike Petersen, Spencer Park
Parks and Recreation SSD/Event Center Danny Goode, Spencer Park
Jordanelle SSD Mike Petersen, Mark Nelson
North Village SSD Mike Petersen, Mark Nelson
Twin Creeks SSD Mike Petersen, Mark Nelson
Brighton Estates Steve Farrell,
Wasatch County Special Service Area #1 Steve Farrell, Greg McPhie
Constitutional Taking Mark Nelson
Ernie Giles SSD Greg McPhie, Kendall Crittenden
Owls Nest Greg McPhie, Kendall Crittenden
Solid Waste SSD Greg McPhie, Kendall Crittenden
TRRT Greg McPhie, Kendall Crittenden