Board Assignments

Wasatch County:
Wasatch County Code:
Jordanelle SSD, Twin Creeks SSD, North Village SSD, Strawberry Lakeview SSD, Strawberry Ranch SSD:
Wasatch County Fire District:

Danny's County Councilman Service Schedule
Newer items are at the top of the list. Older items are at the bottom of the list.

Monthly Meetings:

First Wednesdays:

     Wasatch County Council - Regular Meeting. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].

First Thursdays:

     Jordanelle Special Service District. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].
     North Village SSD. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].
     DISSOLVED: Brighton Estates Special Service District. 5:00 pm. [Agendas Here].
     Twin Creeks SSD. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].
     Strawberry Lakeview SSD. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].
     Strawberry Ranch SSD. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].

Second Mondays:

     Heber Valley Tourism and Economic Develoment. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].

Second Tuesdays:

     Parks and Rec SSD. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].
     Solid Waste SSD. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].
     Wasatch County Fire SSD. 4:30 pm. [Agenda Here].

Second Wednesdays:

     Wasatch County Council - Work Meeting. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].

Third Wednesdays:

     Wasatch County Council - Regular Meeting. 4:00 pm. [Agendas Here].

Third Thursdays:

     MAG - Advisory Council on Aging Services. 1:30 pm. [Agendas Here].

Fourth Thursdays:

     Mountainland Association of Governments. 7:00 pm. [Agendas Here].

Final Fridays:

     Wasatch County Library - Board Meeting. 12:00 pm. [Agendas Here].

As Needed:

     Bluebench Landfill. [Information Here]

Items from January-May 2016. [Link Here]
Items from 2015. [Link Here]